Write a list…

Things I’ve learned:

  • duct tape is a quick fix for almost anything
  • how to be confident but humble
  • the children’s rhym “sticks and stones will break you bones but words will never hurt me.” Complete lie
  • to enjoy the little things
  • I am not good at making lists
  • stopping to watch the sunrise instead of rushing into the office, greated life changing moment
  • money is not everything
  • love, fight, and believe in myself
  • blood is not always thicker than water
  • the struggle is real
  • i still have much to learn
  • news is 50% accurate
  • how to make a lamp completely from scratch
  • best time to go to walmart 3:00 am
  • i actually do have a type

I write because….

I write for me, first and foremost. It’s a chance to express myself creatively and process the twists and turns my life seems to take; to sort through how I feel about a particular event, person in my life, or find some peace of mind when my life seems especially hectic. I write in the hopes that my experiences, failures, successes, and internal or external struggles will help someone or let them know they are not alone.

Self-destruction, self-improvement; the constant mixture within

She was two halves of a whole person; part serious with an analytical and calculating approach, part tangled mess of creativity struggling to find self expression.

Never both at the same time. Where one part excels, the other struggles. Each envious, her only jealousy resided in the mind that tore her apart.